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Looking Back on 2023: A Year of Progress


Looking Back on 2023

Dear Partners, Shareholders, and Followers,

We are presenting to you the review of our business for 2023.  HERMESNET kicked off the year of 2023 with a unique set of challenges.  Firstly, the launch of our ESG solution, growing clients and expanding our partners ecosystem were on our strategic priorities list. Secondly, we had to increase our equity capital and attract financing, and thirdly we need to implement proper governance and operational structure to support our growth.  Now we are delighted to report that we successfully overcome these challenges and are ready to move into 2024 with new strategic objectives in sight.

Products: ESG and Carbon Management Solutions

In February 2023 we launched our ESG and GHG core solutions. Our customizable ESG and GHG platforms require limited resources for implementation and could be connected to any client’s systems and integrated successfully to the client’s IT environment.  Presently, we are developing a state-of-the-art Carbo Management platform, and we believe our membership in Carbon Accounting Alliance is a central element of our strategy that supports our growth and penetration to the carbon solutions business.


We are proud of partnering with A Triple C Consulting (www.atriplecconsulting.com), the company provides a one-stop shop for Fund Managers (AFIMs & AIFs) and their portfolio companies (investees) when it comes to developing their ESG strategies and staying compliant with ESG regulations. Our partner consults on HERMESNET ESG technology and supports the implementation of HERMESNET platforms in financial institutions and corporates.  

Another collaboration we are extremely honoured by is Red Pin Capital (www.redpincapital.com), a mid-market investment firm known for its dedication to innovative investments in global private markets. We partner with Red Pin Capital on working with the PE and VC vertical.

Google SaaS Accelerator

Following acceptance into Google SaaS accelerator we are actively engaging with the Google team and engineers. This program fosters our innovation and product development. As a part of making our carbon management platform even more competitive we are implementing google data insight technology for mining and aggregating data metrics for predicting trends and analysis in our carbon accounting solution.


Our Advisory Board and new members of staff have been instrumental in growing our business. The  ongoing collaboration between Advisors and management ensures that we continue to make informed decisions and drive the success of our business. Our achievements in 2023 would have not been possible without our dedicated staff.

Crowdcube Campaign

HERMESNET has successfully closed a second crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. That was our second campaign. The first raise enabled product launch and secured ~£300K in sales and pre-committed revenue.  The second raise supports our growth and product development taking us into a new league of ESG solutions providers.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We eagerly anticipate sharing further exciting updates with you in 2024. Don’t hesitate to request a demo to discover how HERMESNET streamlines ESG reporting and data management. Reach out to inquire about investment opportunities and partnership possibilities with HERMESNET.