We are on the mission of improving climate action transparency.


The latest IPCC report indicates that companies need to act now to combat climate change. It is essential to be transparent about the companies’ carbon footprint, their social impact, and how they interact with the broader social fabric as a matter of good governance. The first step is for companies to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices into their management practices.

Hermesnet LTD believes that understanding your climate footprint and assessing how to improve ESG-related factors in your business is the most crucial step.

To enable companies to be innovative, scalable, and transparent, we aim to deliver a best-in-class ESG reporting and sustainability platform that is forward-looking and compliant with widely adopted ESG frameworks and regulations.

Hermesnet is dedicated to helping companies report their sustainability data in one place easily. For a company to change its strategy, ESG risks must be managed throughout all aspects of its operations, both locally and globally.

It will be a massive opportunity for companies to grow due to the green transition, and we at Hermesnet LTD want to be your strategic partner in that ESG journey.


How we can help

It is difficult for stakeholders to get a reliable picture of ESG because it is measured inconsistently across institutions.

Providing companies with a set of frameworks to collect and report data and a safeguarded method of dissemination via blockchain, Hermesnet has developed a data management software tool (SaaS) to address this issue.

With the blockchain element, companies can produce an audit-proof report that investors, regulators, and customers will be able to trust.

We at Hermesnet LTD are building an automated, online platform to collect, analyze and communicate companies’ ESG data. Our team is focused on solving complex and challenging problems every day:

  • We make it easy for everyone to understand ESG metrics
  • We deliver best in class data for both financial and non-financial information
  • We want to enable companies to communicate their ESG data that is aligned with their business objectives
  • We enable a one-stop-shop for ESG compliance and reporting for companies and private equity

Our core values

A client-centric approach

We believe that our clients are the primary reason why we are in this business, and we use every means at our disposal to keep our clients satisfied.


Technology is a heart of our organization. Our company business model, innovation strategy, and growth are technology-driven.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our organization's success is determined by bringing different life experiences and backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.


Strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing Hermesnet, and that is the fundamental principle of our team behaviour as a whole.


Accepting responsibility for our actions is the ultimate way we build trust internally and externally.


We believe that people can create something greater than themselves as individuals when they work together.